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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Catalyst



My new load out is 150% Serration 9, 60% Piercing Hit 9, Multishot 90% chance 15, Point Strike 125% 9

Optional Mods: Elemental, Primed and Charged Chamber, Magazine Warp and Wildfire(Recommended)

Gun: Snipetron Vandal

Base Stats:

125 AP damage

1.5 Fire Rate

20% Critical Chance

150% Critical Damage

Now, for the math:

(125 AP + 187.2AP= 312.2)(From Serration)+187.2(From AP). 499.4 Total AP! But wait, there's more POSSIBLE AP! Multishot 90% chance

to double damage= 998.8 Then crits times by 1.5=1498.2

With a crit without multishot is around 750

A single crit out of two is around 750 + 499.8 about 1200 total

Now you know the secret to the most AP damage in-game.

That will probably insta-gib any T3 void or wave fifty plus monster on Xini.

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i dont know but...what is new?

i mean...everyone who has read a few things about the mods should know, how the scaling works.

Serration + Multishot + Element = Max Noncrit Damage

Critical Mods = More Critical Damage (seriously)

i dont even need to do math, to know "more damage = more damage"


but gz that you figured it out ;)

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