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Dissapearing Inventory...


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Has anybody else had this? I recently bought a 3 team heals to keep in my inventory while running missions for those "oh crap" moment, especially when you dont have a trinity in group.


Last night, I happen to notice all 3 have dissapeared out of my game inventory....and no they are not in main inventory either. They were equipped, and never used.....now they are just gone! :(


Some people I have spoken to have noticed ammo sometimes dissapearing....would be really pissed if I failed a mission because something that was there, was not there when I needed it...

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I was about to make a thread when I saw this.



I'm missing 3 large health packs, and one ammo box each of rifle, pistol and sniper.  I don't care about the items, I have enough credits to buy 100 of each but I figured I'd mention it before someone loses an omni ammo box.


I logged in today and joined Sedna Kappa, as the game started it said something like lost connection with host, returning to main menu.  On my second try I got in to the same lobby, but during the mission I used Ash's ultimate which bugged out and froze me in place, we subsequently lost the mission.


Upon changing my frame to one that isn't broken I noticed several consumables missing from my inventory.  I didn't use them, I just bought most of them last night, but they're gone.  The only consumables remaining are a few more health packs and some fireworks.

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