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Host Migration


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Everything runs perfectly fine, then suddenly:


Host migration in progress. Please wait...

The connection to the host has been lost. You will be returned to the multiplayer menu.


I've seen this message around 20 times in the last few days. It makes any progress in the game impossible. It seems to appear most often on defence and mobile defence. I had so much fun doing the orokin-alert four times in a row because the game kicked me out every 10 minutes.

I keep getting lagspikes and gamefreezes all day since the last hotfixes gamebreakers.

My IC is fine, the games network check tells me all good. I'm sick and tired of loosing loot and xp to this crap.

Anyone else facing similar problems?

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Yeah, I often get those as well, except whenever the connection to the host is lost, I'm left hanging in the loading screen. Usually I just exit and restart Warframe, but this Peer to Peer system makes playing online difficult, as I can't join sessions because of my latency, and if I'm hosting, everyone else lags like crazy.

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