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Grineer setting of Corpus door lasers


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Not sure where I should put this, and right now it may not be thought of as a 'bug', but here is the issue;

Grineer running around the level set off door laser grids when a camera sees them. This would be ok, however sometimes the Grineer is where you can't see him because you are locked in a door. Is there some way this can be fixed so when the camera sees Grineer, it doesn't set off the laser grids? Either disable the cameras seeing them at all, or they only set off turrets?

This may not be classified as a bug type behavior, but it is dealing with AI, and can block you from completing a level in some cases. Now and then I can 'force' a warframe through a laser grid, but I can't ever get Frost through (Excalibur can just use his first power and slide through them at least).

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Good god this bug is rather trying. My group has been experiencing this constantly and is the one thing that really brings the fun of this game to a grinding halt. It has happened in maybe 15 missions now. Sometimes it happens to only a few doors throughout a level, other times it is every single door frame.

My excal' can slash dash through, our Loki has his tele', but Volt... poor Volt is always stuck.

The one realiable way we've been able to glitch him through is to use the Run, Slide & Jump combo trying to land exactly "on" the lasers. This method works quite reliably with a bit of practice. Sliding or Rolling through however seem to be a complete stab in the dark.

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When Grinner appeared in a Corpus Mission They werent activating the camera but rather trying to kill the camera that was already.... destroyed ....

And some were attacking behind a wall another camera on the other side ....

And what more!!

I was running around them and shooting bashing them, crippling them, T-Bagging them and they werent reacting to me : /

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