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How To Succeed At High Level Rescue Missions



pro tip: Do not rush.
You win this one not by being first.

In high level missions the hostage actually does need protection, he/she does not sprint, and he/she can be killed (which is when you fail the mission).



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We need a B!#@h button.



EDIT: I did not realize this was in Players helping players. Sorry bout that. Yeah, stay with your escapee, and I hate having to go over this with my squad EVERY rescue mission, but you can get to extraction as fast as you want, and it wont make a difference if your buddy dies.

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the hostage tend to get stuck if the first one ahead rush going down the stairs if it has sharp corners, or the first one ahead runs ahead too fast.

if the hostage does go down, its not the end of the world, you can res him/her just like you res your teammates. best to have one member run behind the hostage in case of AI mess up.

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