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Differentiating The Hikou And The Kunai/despair


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hey forum,

just would like to state my opinion on the hikou. my opinion is that it is currently very similar to the kunai/despair, most people will just called it kunai with less damage but higher fire rate. only other different is one is piercing damage, the other is serrated blade damage. most importantly, most people would agree on hikou just isnt as good as the throwing knifes.

my suggestion is to give hikou a faster projectile speed(and less drop).

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and run out of ammo multitudes more quickly.

Yeah, but ammo boxes are not expensive, and in usual missions I never run out of pistol ammo whether using Kunai or Hikou.

Ammo becomes an issue for Hikou in higher level defenses like t3 Void defense though.

It's the drawback for having a considerable more amount of DPS.

It's basically the Twin Vipers of throwing weapons.

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Pistol ammo boxes are only 1000 credits each. Pistol Scavenger has it's uses ranking up items too.

while i do agree ammo boxes can be used and 1k credits isnt that much, but having to use them at all means it's gonna eat into my income. also, using a scavenger means im giving up another (probably more useful) aura, which i could have afforded to use with a more ammo efficient weapon. in all, meaning it's a disadvantage for the hikou.

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I actually prefer the Hikou over the Kunai. Both fill similar roles and I don't worry about running out of ammo, that's why you have 2 guns. Despair is better under different circumstances but I would still bring the Hikou to most missions.

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I personally plan to have and keep all 3 throwing weapons, still need despair though.
2 Forma's each with this mod layout:
Barrel Diffusion. (+120% Multishot)
Hornet Strike (+220% Damage)
Convulsion (+90% Electrical Damage)
Heated Charge (+90% Fire Damage)
No Return (+30% Armor Piercing Damage)
Deep Freeze (+60% Freeze Damage)
Ice Storm (+40% Freeze damage +40% Magazine Capacity)
Gunslinger (+72% Fire Rate)
This leaves you with: 
+90% Fire&Electric Damage
+100% Freeze Damage
+30% AP Damage
And a clip size of 28.

Forma'd with two - polarities, reaches around 7500 dps.

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