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Wall Run Issues!



Okay, I will happily admit that I suck at wall running. I know the basics, so for the most part, Im not limited around the maps, I know how to get around.


But the recent changes on the grineer maps, has gotten me thinking.. First of all, I need to practice, a specific area that wants you to go higher by wall running in a circle, has gotten me to a complete stop.

Appearntly you need to switch from sideways running, then jump on to the next wall and run straight up, a small ledge keeps preventing me from doing that, but some people manage.. (I found that an alternate route, is up against the 2nd closest reactor rod to that location, will take you where you need to go as well.. I'd still like to know how the feck people manage to do it though.


I also noticed, that only 7/10 times I try to grab on to the wall, he actually grabs on to the wall. The rest of the time, I just get smashed sideways into the wall and fall down, even though Im holding the correct buttons.


Am I just BAD at wall running, or is it not working 100% as it should? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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