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General Info Guide (In Progress)



This guide is intended to address general info that may cause common misconceptions to new players or to prevent players from messing up their build because of some mods that does not work on specific weapons.

Most of the Specific details such as enemy damage table are available on Warframe Wiki pages



Elemental Damage


There are 5 elemental damage in game currently, but poison is very weapon/warframe specific and has no mods to add poison dmg to weapons (unless they come with innate poison dmg)

enemies generally have one elemental that they are weak against it (takes more dmg from specific element) and one elemental they are strong against (takes less dmg from specific elements)


Freeze - slows down mob's movement and fire rate, does double damage to shield. ( Ice and Freeze will be used interchangeably in this guide)


Fire - cause "panic" state to mobs (mobs will flail their arms and not move for short duration). infested faction receives increased fire dmg. 


electric - cause "electrocuted" state to mobs (similar to panic but less arm flailing). corpus faction receives increased electric dmg.


Armor Piercing - *not to be confused with armor ignore* Medium Grineer (ie. trooper and lancers) receives increased Armor piercing. Light infested receives reduced armor piercing dmg.


Poison - This elemental deals true damage straight to your health. (bypass your armor and shield) only 1 warframe and few weapons can deal this dmg. However, when players use this element, it does not bypass the mob's shield ( thus always deal full dmg but have to go through the mob's shield pool first)



Weapon types


Most weapons deal bullet damage (commonly refered to as normal dmg)


Bolt - innate armor ignore. meaning you always deal full "normal" dmg (ie. crewmen's box head will take head shot dmg). Except it deals half dmg to grineer Seeker and corpus moa's gun barrels. Puncture type mods do not function on bolt weapons. Other elemental mods you put on the weapon will follow the normal resistance table.

(ie. boltor, paris, paris prime)


Blunt - same bolt weapons but for melees. 


Laser - currently only Dera. the damage deals exactly the same dmg as ice elemental, but has no slow debuff.


Blade - mostly for melee weapons with "blades." does same dmg as normal dmg type, but deals 3x dmg to infested charger, runner, and leapers. 1.5x dmg to infested crawlers.


Serrated blade - mostly for melee weapons with "blades." deals 3x dmg to infested charger, runner, and leapers. 1.5x dmg to infested crawlers. deals armor ignore dmg to other mobs.


*Melee weapons mostly deals Blade type dmg when auto attacking and uses Serrated blade type dmg on charged attacks.

3 exceptions are:

Ether Daggers: auto attacks and charged attack deal bladed dmg.

Kestrel and Kogake: auto attacks deal armor ignore dmg, but charged attack deals does not ignore armor.



Exceptions and mixed weapon types:


Despair - deals innate armor piercing dmg, *affected by bullet attractor, goes through electric shield, pucture mods do not function.

Dread - shoots bolts like paris but it's actually serrated blade weapon type.

Kunai - innate armor ignore, goes through electric shield, Puncture mods do not function.

Hikou - serrated blade type. thus armor ignore and 3x dmg on most infested.


Ragdoll Effect - (pretty much lose bone structure and act like a soccer ball that just got punched/kicked) players cannot perform melee execute attacks or view the mob's hp on ragdolled enemies until they recover from the state.

Kestrel  charged attack and Kogake's charged and slide attack ragdoll enemies. (refered to as "forcefield" dmg type on wiki)



Armor / resistance


This is what creates the "weakness" and "strength" on the mobs. and make body part weak points.

In general, as mob levels increase, their elemental resistance, hp, shield and damage output increases. For example, if lv1 grineer lancer used to take 100 ice dmg from your rifle, with same weapon lv50 lancer will take 25 only ice dmg. (rough estimate)


in general:

body shots take least dmg.

head is the weak point. and head shots are generally double dmg of body shots.


Specific examples:

Corpus crewmen takes 4x more armor piercing damage and bit more than double electric dmg on headshots compared to body shots. However, crewmen take no normal damage on the head.


Infested Ancients also takes double the armor piercing dmg on the head. However, the true weak point is the calf and the forearm. Ancients used to wear big corpus boots and gloves like leapers Pre-U9 which indicated this. (side note: bring back the boots please)

Currently even though the indicators are gone, the weak points still take increased dmg. Weak point takes in 2x fire and ice dmg compared to the head, thus more elemental mods you have, most likely you'll benefit more from aiming the lower limbs for the Ancients.



-Mobs do not gain increased resistance against Armor Piercing element when they gain levels.

-Armor ignore weapons also ignores the armor increase from level increase.



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yes. wiki is there for more details.

this is mainly for those who dont read properly and ask on forums: "does puncture work? despair doesnt deal armor pierce dmg. it deals armor ignore dmg and does extra dmg on grineers and reduced dmg on infested, etc etc"

which is pretty often.

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