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Instadeath / Faux "lagging Out" Issue Since The Last Hotfix


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This started to happen uncomfortably often after the latest hotfix.


So far, it seems it can happen on any mission. It happens to a specific player, the rest of the party is fine. May or may not be related to the "infinite falling" bug, for me it always happened after some risky falls, but other people say it can happen just out of blue.


During a mission, one player can become completely "lagged out": he can't open containers, he can't get drops out of storage boxes (he can smash the box, but drops do not appear), he can't manipulate doors (meaning, he's usually stuck in one room), and otherwise he's like a ghost -- not quite present in the game.


Yet it's not an internet connection problem, because he can freely see other people playing, moving around, killing mobs, etc. All this without a single symptom of lag.


Also, this "ghostly existence" sometimes gets terminated by the player suddenly teleporting to an arbitrary point of the level and insta-dying. Once we've seen our stuck Nyx just appearing as a corpse right in the exit room before our eyes. If a player chooses to revive, he still continues to run as ghost. Generally speaking, there's no fix besides quitting or ending the mission.

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