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Enemies becomes Invincible when Shield Ospreys shielded them

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This happened today in a 3rd sortie corpus survival mission with enemy elemental resistance condition. I brought Octavia with me and started to drop my mallet. A few minutes in, the enemy suddenly stopped taking damage from my mallet and when i tried attacking them with my Lenz and Pox, there was still no damage for the enemy, yet when i tried melee attacks, the enemies take damage normally.

After some observations, i noticed that the enemies that weren't taking damage was protected by the shield osprey BEFORE they came in and attacking the mallet, and after killing the shield osprey (by using melee attack because all other attacks doesn't work), the enemy cluster started to take damage normally again.

Another observation i saw is that shield ospreys that are deployed by the Corpus Tech seems to not show similar traits, but that could also be caused by the shield osprey being destroyed (by the mallet) before properly deploying their shields.


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Fairly certain it's an intended feature of sorties.

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8 minutes ago, rapt0rman said:

Fairly certain it's an intended feature of sorties.

As much as i want to believe that, this "feature" doesn't seem fair. The enemies that were shielded are COMPLETELY immune to all attacks but melee, and i dunno about you, but trying to melee the flying shield ospreys are ridiculously hard to do. If that is a "feature" it would be a very bad design choice by the DE.

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