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Hud And Loadout Changes


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I really like this game, but after playing it for a few weeks that are a couple things that just annoy me, maybe it's just me though.  It would be great if the hud actually scaled.  At least at high resolutions the numbers are kinda small.  A scrolling pickup area would also be nice, I'd like to know what ingredient I just picked up was instead of knowing my energy is full.  There's also the chat bar.  I like having the health up no matter what frame I'm playing, it's just useful info.  Either moving the chat bar by default so it's not covered or having where I move it stick between missions would be great.


In terms of loadouts: I have 5 frames atm, but I don't have 5 copies of some rarer cards, so having to swap between frames to move stuff around and then search through pages of mods is a bit tedious.  Perhaps shrinking the loadout screen so that more cards were shown would be helpful.  Along with that, only showing 1 of duplicates would be great, just show different values of the same card next to each other.  Then you could also show cards that you have on other warframes/weapons so that can be easily moved from 1 to the other without swapping, maybe just adding an icon on the card signifying it's currently on a different weapon/frame.

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