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Completing The Tutorial Awards Mastery Test Completion


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There has been a lot of threads on this subject, even after I made this post. I am making this thread to hopefully stop the threads and to highlight the issue to the dev team.


The ticket I submitted to DE follows:


I played the tutorial when it was first released. I was Mastery rank 7 at the time. When I filled up the progress bar and it was time for the rank test, instead of flashing and offering me the test, I immediately went to rank 8. After seeing a few other accounts of this, I learned that in every case, the user had played through the tutorial. So I proceeded to rank up normally without playing the tutorial.

Once it was time to rank up, the bar was flashing. I clicked on the bar and declined the offer to take the Mastery test. Instead, I played the tutorial. Upon completing the tutorial, I ranked up to rank 9. I am 100% certain that the tutorial is setting a completion flag for the rank tests.

I have not tested failing a rank test and taking the tutorial during the 24 hour lockout period, but I would suspect that it would also override the lockout period and award the rank up.


Is there anyone here that has not played the tutorial and is ready to take the mastery test that can fail it then take the tutorial to see if it levels you up even after failing the test?


Anyway, hopefully this is resolved soon.

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Ah well at least we are A LOT of players experiencing this problem...


I don't particularly LIKE the mastery ranking tests, but it is just supposed to be there, and ranking up without getting a test feels.... wrong. Too easy.


So DE, I hope you read this and do something about it, coz we want to do those mastery ranking tests and not just auto level a few levels now and then suddenly the tests are back again once enough people have complained about it so we are thrown into a whole new kind of tests that might or might not be very nice.


Plz fix the mastery ranking tests quikly so we can DO THEM again.

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