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Steel Fibre Or Vitality On Ash?



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Well, steel fibre gives 10% extra armour so with ashs base armour, that means you get 5 armour per mod as it were.

Conversely vitality gives 60 health per mod.

I don't know the ins and outs of the armour damage reduction but I'd personally go for vitality over Steel fibre.

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How about redirection vs steel fibre?

Redirection, You can practically turn into a bullet sponge at high levels.


As for the original question, Vitality since you can take more hits and its a nice padding in-case you run into a toxic.

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lol steel fiber is a joke, it really should be fused with vitality...when it comes down to choices i don't think i ever pick it. My favorite set up is actually. Max VitalityFortitude and Constitution... with a Physique aura...it makes for one bad &#! ash, and idk if its just luck or what but when using smoke bomb i never get knocked over anymore. I've actually been soloing nightmare with that build...If rejuvenation aura was worth a damn I would say my build was perfect but, I still bring Item health packs.

TL;DR...go for raw health and bring a few health packs.

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Where Steel Fiber makes a difference is in frames with high starting armor anyway.  The advantage is that it effectively adds to the ENTIRE health pool rather than Vitality working off the BASE health only.


Ideally you want Vitality first. But getting to the top ranks is difficult (lots of mods/cores). So if you have a high armor frame (Ash, Rhino, Saryn, Frost) add on a lot of Steel Fiber and you'll be doubling your health pool.


In short, it allows the "tanky" frames to be more "tanky" but doesn't really help the others.


When in doubt, go health. If you have room and want to be the brute add armor.


Good discussion here: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:53154


As always, the easiest thing to think about when choosing mods for your frame is to emphasize the strengths. Most every mod is a percentage of something. A percentage of something big, is even bigger.  Trinity doesn't need extra armor or shields when I can throw a max Flow on her and spam her abilities since she has a high energy pool.  Same goes for health, armor, mobillity, etc.

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