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Can we get Bazolg Heavy Blade type of Twin Basolk

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I would like to have Heavy Blade type axe of Twin Basolk http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Twin_Basolk, we don't have in game any type of Heavy blade that have only one elemental damage, very high status chance with decent crit chance.

Attack speed: 0.8
Damage: 160 Heat damage
Status chance: 30%
Crit chance: 15%
Crit damage: 150%
Polarities: V
Stance polarity: D

Passive: Charge attack will send wave of Fire (the same type as exalted blade have), dealing additional 640 heat damage.

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"Battle Axe" (from a game I won't mention).

You mean like GodOfWar's Axe?

WarFrame already has some thing similar: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Scythe

Yeah, I think DE call those "Battle Scythe", doesn't make sense, and Tennos agree that ACTUAL Scythes are not typically that short.

I would not mind if DE replaced "Battle Scythe" with "(Battle) Axe", since the Scythe need to be overhaul (more range specifically).


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1 hour ago, IfritKajiTora said:

Oh lol xD i forgot about it, because it doesn't look like a heavy blade weapon. It looks more like a Heavy disc weapon :p

But I would like to see a Basolk looking heavy axe jus tlike Dual zorens have Scindo, but with some extra crit chance. 

I could see tenno gen making a skin for zenistar. large basolk simular weapon and when you use the charge attack the spining heat orb (the thing that MAKES twin basolk heat dmg) would pop out leaving you with just the blade.   tada~~~

but ya. gimik asside zenistar IS a 2 handed heat element ax with a flattop. kinda reminds me of one of the great ax's from tera.

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