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      Weird/Awesome/Gamebreaking Bug
      Uhhh, So This Happened...
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Shadow Stalker Broke.

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I was running a recent fissure, and shadow stalker showed up, we fought him for awhile, however after getting him to roughly half HP, he started walking away, I followed, and then he dropped to what would be 0, but wouldn't die, nor give his drop, we couldn't complete the mission till everyone left, including eventually the host, post host migration, I was the last one left, and was able to crack my relic, but didn't get a shadow stalker reward, afterwards I ran the nitain alert, because I wanted to run it before forgetting about it, and wanted to post this. What i think happened was the person that was being stalked left before stalker showed up, but after he was announcing his arrival with flickering lights and what not.
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2

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happend to me and my friends aswell with 4 times in a row .... we played 4 missions together and every of that missions he spawned , everytime we beat him to more than half hp he starts walking away and than we get all his hp and he still doesnt drop anything ... DE help fix xd

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