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Founder/platinum Purchase Error


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Hello everyone, I've been trying to buy the master founder pack or any other platinum package and all of them no matters which one is my payment method gets declined and i have no idea why is this happening,


i may say that i bought two 50$ ultimate game cards to try and after adding each card and see that the money left to pay get reduced i believe the cards work, i click on confirm payment and says that my ultimate game cards got declined, i tried credit card too and said my credit card got declined, btw i have to say i am not in the US and i am paying with us dollars,


right now i am at my hometown in Venezuela, and my account was created in the closed beta with South american region in it and Venezuela as a country, as i can see in my Account management option.


I kept trying to pay this over and over for a week now and keep saying declined, i still have the Ult Game cards unredeemed, and i want to be founder and support the game.


So please anyone Or DE help me out on this i already tried asking my brother to redeem the cards at his home in Alabama, Usa. But he got the same thing trying to redeem the cards in my account.


I have to say too that the ultimate pay service could be the problem but its pretty odd that this happens to me and idk if creating another account with north america region and U.S.A in country will solve this but i will lost all my progress in this acc. please if anyone out there can help me i would love it.


PD: Already sent a support request in the support website.



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