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Make A Laser Warframe. Since We Have Laser As An Element, Now.


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name it PRISM the crystal/laser warframe

This could be cool. Maybe make its 2 a laser that reflects off certain surfaces, that gets stronger the more reflects it does. Its 1 could deploy a sort of shield to allow for extra reflections as well as cover for a limited time.

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PRISM Warframe


Health: 80(240 max)

Shields: 125(375 max)

Armor: 10

Power: 150(225 max)




1: Wither: Once equipped, passively makes a number of 'Foci' hover around Prism. # increases with ability rank. Activating causes all Foci to fire beam weaponry where ever the cursor points for a duration. Foci must recharge afterwords. Duration of blast and CD increase and decrease respectively upon ability rank up.


2: Sun Cannon: Fires a powerful beam where the cursor is pointed. Stuns/Blinds enemies it comes in contact with. (Punctures targets) Size, damage, range, and stun duration increase with ability level.


3: Disintegrate: High single-target damage. Reduces targets armor. (Not sure if for duration or permanently.)


4: Havoc: Summons a swarm of Foci to seek out nearby targets, and simultaneously activate weaker versions of Prism's powers on each, dealing no damage. Instead, all targets are stunned/blinded and have slightly reduced armor. Prism's first ability gains damage, loses CD and cost, and does not tick damage. Damage is instead dealt all at once. The drain on power is instead converted to a reduced drain on shields. All other abilities gain 25 energy cost and a slight power buff. Ability ends after set duration, or shields are depleted.


(Posting this in its own thread in the fanzone)

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