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Found Something Wrong With Control Module


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Not too long ago, they were dropping 10 in one mission right after U9.


They said "OMG these are too common...."


So they took a sledgehammer to it and made them almost as impossible to get as they were in U8, instead of doing something a little more reasonable with it.

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Then there's Neurodes.


I've probably done like 50 missions of E Prime on Earth.


I found my first Neurode since the massive material nerf.


50 missions.


1 Neurode.


Nice drop rate, DE.

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I always found bosses to be reliable source of rare resources for me.

Maybe I lucked out.



Bosses should be done for BPs, not for rare mats too.


They need to drop reliably from other stuff too. I always saw the rare mat as a "Sorry you didn't get the BP you wanted..." or "Here's a little extra something..." not "If you want ____ material, you have to kill _____."


Then we're back to U8 and the "Farm Raptor/Hyena for Modules, J3 for Sensors, and Ruk for Neorodes." which is, I coulda sworn, the whole reason for tweaking the drops in the first damn place.


BUT, they made a slight screwup.


First, everything dropped Mercury's drop table.

Second, the Rare and Common materials somehow got switched.

Third, what we're at now, is drop rates nearly as bad as U8.


So.......why did we tweak anything, again?


What we need is something better than U8, better than today, but not so ludicrous as Early U9.


You should average 1 rare material every 5-10 non-boss missions.


Not 1 in 50. That's just ridiculous.

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