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Despair Sheath Waaaay Too Big


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Simply put, Despair's quiver (or sheath, I don't know the correct term) is far too big.


For those not in the know- Here's a picture of Despair



And for comparison, here's a picture of the Kunai



Compared to the sheath on the kunai, this is RIDICULOUS. Could be please have it brought down in size a bit to be more in line with the sheath of the kunai? Or at the very least move it into the leg a little more so it sticks out less? I know its really not a big deal, but this is the kind of little thing that really irks me.


Apologies if this has been suggested before, I just felt I needed to put my two-cents out there.

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Suggested and shot down (so brace yourself)

Personally I like the size it is. Even on Nyx, who I admit suits it the least.


Next to nothing looks good on Nyx's legs. Is those cool, but gaudy built-in holsters that get in the way. And even though they down-scaled the Hikou's, those still look horrid awkward. Trinity is probably the only one who can pull off the look successfully.


I thought in the Livestream they said they were going to fix the clipping issues with the legs/thighs. Is that Dev still on vacation? 'Cause a down-scale don't count as a clipping fix. =P

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