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How To Fix The Ignis


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I want to use a damn flamethrower. I think it looks really cool to use a flamethrower. I also like killing things by pointing a flamethrower in their faces.


However, I hate the Ignis.


Here are my ideas for how I might hate the Ignis less:


Give the Ignis natural "piercing" to the point that it will always penetrate through to its max range, and only give it a minor damage buff.


Corpses won't block the flames any more, so you can hold down the trigger and sweep across what needs to die. As a bonus, you also get to deal AoE death to really tight groups, such as hordes that have chased you into a small space or gotten bottlenecked into a choke point.


This also doesn't make it OP, because if you don't buff the damage much, the Ignis will still be lousy for what it's supposed to be lousy at, which is laying down deepz on tanky enemies.


While I'm at it, please also give Absorb a bunch of "piercing." Not enough to make it pierce walls, but enough so that it pierces enemies. I died in an Infested mission earlier because of this--hit my Absorb, killed everything, still got killed by a couple remaining Chargers because they were shielded by other Chargers.

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