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Greetings, Tenno!


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I am known as ChaoticVice777 in Warframe, though I prefer being called "Vice" for general chatting purposes.


I would have posted earlier, but I decided to explore the forums while gaining experience and mastery under my belt. Currently, I have Rank 7 Mastery with around 230-240 hours of gameplay, and I hold the position of Sage in the Storm clan BulletStorm. I am located in the NA West server.


I lean towards the Chaotic Good/Lawful Evil alignments and favor rushing, though I'm not unwilling to explore for loot and sightseeing. I dislike grinding, though I delight in certain methods of mass eradication. As a forumer, I try being helpful. I am not perfect, so I can weather criticism and adjust to incorrect conclusions made from faulty evidence. Still, I cannot deny that I will intentionally "troll" those who troll, hack, scam, or complain unnecessarily.


My favorite Warframes are Excalibur and Frost Prime, and my play style is defensive, learning towards "one hit, one(+) kill(s)". My favorite weapons are the Stalker weapons, though this opinion may change when clan research is completed. Let it be known that I do not the Stalker, and my Internet is categorized as the "lower-than-Third-World" tier (i.e. I am a terrible host).


Warframe is an excellent game, and I shall continue forwarding the cause. I am excited to see what Digital Extremes will bring in the near future. The best of luck to you all. We Tenno shall only meet an honorable end in the heat of combat or in a peaceful manner, with few regrets.


P.S. Goodness, I feel awkward; this post is rather long-winded and formal.


TL;DR: Hello, community. How are you all? I enjoy playing Warframe, and I hope to see you in the game!


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