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Monday, September 25: This week in Warframe (PC)!


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Hello Tenno!

Depending on what timezone you are in this post may be early in the morning or later in the evening - happy Monday!

This post will cover what you should expect for this week - the hype for Plains of Eidolon is considerable so we felt giving you facts to start your week with would help you calibrate your hype and plans.

1) Plains of Eidolon is not launching this week. 
From the moment TennoCon ended - the question has been 'when'. We've said 2017, Fall 2017, and sometimes even September. We had originally planned to ship this week but we're giving ourselves more time to finish things. The question of 'when' does remain, and we'll prepare you with information on that early next week!

2) There will be no Devstream this Friday.
We've shown quite a lot since TennoCon to give everyone a sense of what types of content will be included with the Plains of Eidolon. We are going to return to the Devstream couch soon - but we want to use every hour of every day this week to work on final touches. Our last Devstream (and subsequent AMA on reddit) had incredible reactions and questions and we're still working through those!
Our latest blog has some follow up - but expect more Dev Workshops too https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-14

3) What do you want to know more about ahead of the Plains of Eidolon?
Now a question for you! Since we are planning on a few Dev Workshops this week, we'd like to make positively sure the most common areas of interest are detailed. Whether it's a change (Focus) or something completely new (Cetus), feel free to ask below.

Onward, Tenno!

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  1. Sniper buffs? You mentioned it, but we still haven't seen anything for sure
  2. In the remote observer, it mentions " Added a Corpus Outpost and Grineer Shipyard tileset level to the Interception mix for some variation. ", but we already have interception tiles for those tilesets? Are these new tiles, or are are these existing tiles being added to new places/alert rotations?
  3. Will we be able to 'cross-class' our operators, or will we be locked into one school at a time (no having a tanky rogue or a cleric/wizard combo)?
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How much content will the update as a whole bring to long-term players? By that I mean, vaguely how long will it keep us busy?

And another thing, since PoE adds a lot of the foundation of adding future Plains into the game (hopefully one for each planet), do you think future Plains could take significantly less time to add?

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With the Twitch rewards launching, will the viewers only be able to get the rewards when the streamer first completes the achievement or when they do the action for completing the achievement? So will it be one-time only or replayable for new viewers?

Much love! Can't wait for Plains!

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Since we will be seeing more Archwing gameplay from PoE, can we expect to see more Archwings in general? An Infested one would be wonderful to have in the game(gotta get that fashion for Nidus <3). Very excited for this update :).

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6 minutes ago, noveltyhero said:

How will we play with others in PoE? Right now for most alerts/missions I use the matchmaking system which is really good but I fear that with PoE I will have to do a lot more solo missions.

Public matchmaking will work on PoE. It's up to you to decide whether you want to use it or not. I personally probably won't.

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Aside from Focus (which I definitely would like more info on) I'm also interested in what's being done to make PoE highly replayable.

Randomized enemy spawns (locations + units)?
Randomized mission locations?
Dynamic events?
Choice of engagement (stealth)?
Enemy strongholds?

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