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Auras, Sugestions And Improvements


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I have been thinking on auras since they arrived, and discussing have entailed with a few of my clan mates and friends.


The consensus is that it has quite the potential to add another level to the game but is a bit bland in its current form.


As per ususal I'm one to try help out the devs with ideas, and like to encourage others to do the same (even if I do debate some of them).


While I think having them add to mod points is not a bad thing, I do feel it may actually add to the divide between beginners and experienced players, and then promoting a desire for even harder gameplay that even now new and less equiped players are struggling with.



This brings me to my point.


I personaly liked the sugestion to make mastery rank fule auras (sorry forgot who had that idea initially), rather than auras giving more mod points.  Though a tweak on that to not disclude players that dont bother increasing rank or are of low rank would be to use mod points for any overflow that your mastery rank doesnt cover.  IE, if you are rank 5 equiping an 8 cost aura, it costs you 3 mod points, if the same rank 8 mod is equiped by a mastery rank 8 it doesnt cost them any mod points.  This would then let the polarities work as they have done initially with other mods, making it a unified system for all mods, and not some giving ranks and other taking away.


That said people do like the extra points for certain builds, so to account for that an aura could be added that gives more mod points to that frame, not the group (helpful when starting a new frame, or making that frame do its 'thing' better).  IE a 10 rank aura that gives 1 additional mod point each time to the frame its equiped on.

Likewise this could open up some other personal focused style auras as well.


On that note also to differentiate auras from most normal mods and that you only can have one of them make them all have 10 ranks, without realy changing the current rank benefits (though rifle amp may need to be toned down slightly), sure it will mean higher ones are better though that opens up more variety for them too.  Maybe even have diminishing returns on stacking (ie half effect for the second one and a quater effect for the third and forth ones, so you can only double the benefit having 4 of the same auras)


Likewise taking the current resistance mods and adding them as auras instead could make them more useful to a group as a whole.


The aura slot polarity can then focus on the specific role of the warframe, even to the point of locking them out of being changed by forma (though I'm fine either way if the default polarities fit the warframe role).


Above all else we definatly need a way to see the auras of squad mates and maybe allow us to equip them much like the original aura system as well as from the mod equiping screen.



 - auras powering off mastery rank and mod points when over mastery rank

 - add an aura that adds mod ranks (ie. personal auras)

 - make all auras 10 ranks (at current per rank effect)

 - move resistance mods to auras

 - set aura slot to a polarity fitting the warframes role.

 - let us use the old equip/squad show system for auras




Some aura sugestions:

 - bonus mod points

 - power enhansors (basically group focus, flow, streamline, strech or continuity)

 - ammo regenerators (slow ammo regeneration rather than drop enhancers)


Feel free to add your own sugestions.

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