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[Eu] Lfm Hells Chamber Farm On Varro


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Looking for people to farm the mod "Hells Chamber" with on Varro, as stated in the topic.

I'm using http://sunbla.de/Warframe/SedR/Beta/ to maximize OUR chances to get the mod. Most of the time we gonna play until wave 10-15 depending on the further loottables!

I also would like to have a decent setup. I will be an Ember and my dream setup would be: 


If ur willing to bring up the needed effort, contact me via forums! 


Thanks in advance, 


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Have you found a team yet?

Well, i don't have a farm group for that particular area. That's why I'm trying to create a group here. 

So if u have a group or would like to be in mine, feel free to add me.

IG - zley 

Skype - rngrngbananaphone

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Website was accurate up to wave 5. Good enough though, +1 OP.

It's actually accurate, till wave 55. If u trust the developer aswell as pwnatron which is quite highly reputated reddit user in the Warframe section.

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