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Space Do Has No Polarities To Get A Compass... But No Map?


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Yes, we have a mini-map that shows everything, but seriously? What's the use of it aside from the radar?

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of OMG-let's go 3 Loki-one-Volt-Speedrun-FTW thing. I'm more into walking at slow pace. Curiosity instead of charge. And when slow pace takes place, sometimes you are discussing things with others. And to aim on 2 things that's not in a clear vision from 1 spot, it's pain to do it without map and mapmarkers, not only a "My mommy learned to not point on things with finger, but I'll do it anyway" stuff.

Seriously, we've got a big levels, we've got a big and long void, and, while slow pace is good, sometimes you just can't have a two hours to check all the places.and splitting is necessary. And, while credits are shared, mods are not. So, there should be a way to get more prolonged marks and not the only one. Also, possibility to leave a custom writing on that kind of mark is welcome.

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your english burns my eyes... just sayin

i honestly have no idea what your really trying to say here

are you saying we dont need a map, and should remove it?

is this a complaint thread about people speed running?

are you asking to make mod pick ups shared like credits are?

im a little lost here...

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tl;dr version: We need a big map aside from mini-map with ability to place several markers, possible with custom description on each one.



Your lack of capital letters burns my eyes too, so, I guess, it's a draw.


Yes please, a bigger map would help

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