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Prevalent Feedback Suggestions That Have Stuck In My Mind....


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1: Aim dodging: We have it, but my master of body and mind space ninja can't seem to shoot their gun while still facing the enemy. hip shot fire should be available while aim dodging and ought be continued through the flip if you started firing before the flip.


2: Dodge reloading: Dodging isn't exactly useful at the moment. It doesn't really mitigate any more damage than sprinting to cover would, and you can't reload while doing it - while you can when you sprint. What's up with that space ninja?


3: Shoulder camera: I switch which shoulder the camera is on pretty frequently to survey around a corner, but while I'm sprinting it won't respond.


4: Dodge mitigation: Ehm....please. I mean if I'm flipping through the air I should be dodging the shockwave moa's contact knockback at least. I haven't tested this but I *beleive* that dodging is roughly the same sort of speed as base sprint, maybe it's distance travelled should be affected by sprint mods.


5: Wall hoist: Sweet new animation for those tricksy ledges. It's a shame we can't hang on the ledge and scoot across it if we're being all stealthy like, or just hang there while we wait for an enemy to pass by.


6: Stealth: Yes.


7: Enemy Armour: Everyone seems to think that AP weapons are the only viable option now. How about rather than just Health and Shields, we have a 3 tier system of Shields, Armour and Health. Ice heavily damages the shield layer, AP heavily damages the Armour layer, Fire/Elec heavily damage the health layer. Or something similar. My complex system: Armour has a damage mitigation value, maybe higher than damage of shots taken, but AP wittles away the armour bar. As the armour bar depletes damage resistance falls and health damage is taken based on what damage isn't mitgated by armour. THEN puncture mods can be made useful - they ignore a value of armour - like at max rank it ignores 50% of armour value, so it's 50% less effective at protecting health. Armour should be variable by mob type, like lancers have a moderate ammount of armour, but troopers have much higher in comparison on account of having to get into close range, and heavies have the highest. Some Corpus enemies may have a huge armour bar and a tiny health pool representative of being and armoured machine with delicate systems inside. So on and so forth.


8: Enemy flavour: Enemies are speaking in English for flavour ("que?" at Grineer boss dialogue though...) but maybe they need to do more in their environment. Like if a ship has taken damage but is not under attack from enemy factions, you'll see mobs attempting to put out fires, MoA hovering above fire venting halon gas onto fires, etc.


9: Space: It's a vaccuum, your bits don't tend to survive very well out there. Shields should totally resist space damage, 100% so, I mean I assume that was their founding principle for a space faring community. But health? As soon as armour reaches a certain threshold *see armour suggestion* enemies should flat out die and should be sucked out into space, representative of suit system failure and gravity failing for their suits. Maybe bonus xp for a stylish kill? Aunno. Still vaccuums should be more interesting to fight in.


10: Enemy combat: You've got basic tactics built into the AI, but it's the same throughout. There's no interesting situations to deal with except for mobs rushing you, EXCEPT: Enemies piling in behind shield lancers and enemies rushing for the alarm console. When the alarm is triggered there should be more interesting enemy play. Maybe there should be blockades. Enemies forming up in ranks, 6 shield lancers crouched in a row and 5 lancers stood behind ready to decimate an enemy walking through that door. Mag pull ftw. Elevators. What happened to enemy forces standing in elevators? I used to love having that special surprise of a platoon of enemy Grinner huddled into an elevator and turning you into mulch. That was interesting. Maybe enemies get flash drones, they hover over your encamped troops and shine a blinding light at enemies in a 360 degree circle outwards, older players will remember shield drones almost being blinding with their shininess "back in the day". I mean that was a good way of slowing us down without wrestling control from us.

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11. Blocking: Blocking is cumbersome and not particularly interesting. The game is fast paced and mobile, so blocking should reflect that. Rather than blocking being a hold the button to maybe possibly in some parallel universe block some damage, maybe when you melee you should *depending on your timing* block damage. If you're in melee combat and you swing at the same time as a infested charger does, you parry his blow and stumble them. If you're at range and a Grineer Bombard launches a missile at you, melee as the missile draws near to chop it into tiny pieces. So on and so forth.

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