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Suggestion: Modify How Game is Installed in Custom Directory


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When I began to install Warframe, I noticed a Warframe folder was to be made in C:\Program Files. That's neat, but the same is not done for a custom destination folder. Additionally, the launcher is illogically placed somewhere else entirely, limiting its ability to communicate, and there doesn't appear to be a way for me to tell it to look elsewhere.

For future versions of the installer, my first suggestion is to make it so the game is installed into a 'Warframe' folder automatically made inside whatever destination we decide for it, not just C:\Program Files. My second suggestion is to bundle everything in the ..\Local Settings\Application Data (or non-XP equivalent) with the rest of the game; that way, should a user decide to change the install directory later, the launcher can still communicate with the gamedata regardless of where the game is moved (that is, without having to reinstall anything).

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