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What's A Good "build" For The Boltor Assault Rifle?



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this is my damage build:

serration (damage)

piercing hit (armor damage)

split chamber (multi shot)

hellfire (element dmg)

cryo rounds (element dmg)

stormbring (element dmg)

fast hands (since imo boltor reloads really slow)

anything for the last slot i suppose, but I'd use Speed Trigger for maxed DPS

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Boltor is Armour ignoring, so armour pierce is not exactly useful...

They're two different things - AI damage bypasses armour's damage reduction while AP damage is just another elemental damage type. Think of it as invisible fire that the Grineer hate.

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Don't even ask in the forums for a good build of a wep, they will always think you have your Boltor potatoed and you're able to use Forma for a minimum of 3 times!

If you don't have it potatoed(30/30):
-Cryo Rounds 75%(4/5) 8 mod capacity/2=4 mod cost

-Serration minimum 90 or 105%(5 or 6/10) 9 or 10 mod capacity

-Split Chamber 90%(5/5) 15 Mod Capacity

-Ammo Drum 25 or 30%(It depends on the level of your Serration)(4 or 5/5) 6 or 7 mod capacity


Cryo rounds at level 4 because it cost 8 mod capacity(with the Polarity it costs 4), if is level 5 it'll cost 9(polarity=5) and it's a waste of capacity

Ammo Drum level depends on the level of your serration, if is ar lvl 5 you can be able to use it maxed, if is level 6 you can only use Ammo Drum at 25%


If you have it potatoed(60/60):
-All the above

-Fast Hands 30%(5/5) 7 mod capacity

-If you want Fire damage, use Wildfire(20% Clip Size/60% Fire Damage) instead of Hellfire(90%), because you will sacrifice 30% more damage for a bigger magazine (3/3) 9 Mod capacity

-Speed Trigger 50 or 60% (4 or 5/5) 8 or 9 mod capacity. Minimum use it at 50%, because the low fire rate"

-Stormbringer 15 (0/5) 6 mod capacity.


You will be able to deal good damage to the enemies!

Good luck with your Boltor when trying to snipe enemies!

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