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Bullet Emission Point?


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Using the bolto weapons, I often have to switch camera angles to get a bullet around a ledge. This has gotten me wondering where it is the bullets shoot out of on our models? There's often an issue with bullets not hitting where I aim, if the target is too close. I am not talking about point blank shots where a gun has clipped through an enemy.

When shooting at someone within 5 feet of me, I often see bullets fly out of the lower corner of my screen, and past the side of what I'm aiming at. I then have to compensate, moving the reticle off to the side of a target, so that shots actually fly into what I'm trying to shoot. This is both frustrating and confusing.

It's one thing to have shots actually coming out of a weapon, so that the weapon must clear a ledge. But the bullets are clearly being shot out of somewhere else.

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