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Potatoing Latron Prime



I'm wondering if potatoing the Latron Prime is a good idea?

I've leveled it to 30 and I like it as a weapon, but my main go to weapon before was the Braton (which is potatoed).


On my Braton I have:

Split Chamber


Piercing Hit

Speed Trigger




None are fully maxed as I never have enough fusion cores or extra mods for that :P

I would switch these onto the Latron Prime, and be able to fit in a couple more mods though because the Latron Prime has two polarities already for Split Chamber and Piercing Hit.


I don't really care for snipers (Vandaltron) because the immense zoom is a little annoying for close range fights, and I don't care for shotguns too much, though I don't hate them (I have a Hek, unpotatoed).


TL;DR: Should I potato my Latron Prime, or is there another, better option?

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if you love how the latron prime performs, then do it.


Otherwise I strongly recommend just getting the Braton Prime and potatoing that



Braton Prime my fellow Tenno~

they have the Braton Prime in the Void~

search for it comrade. Search and you shall be happy~

also frustrated in farming keys and parts lol~

I might just do that then, I have a few t3 keys from Xini... Capture and Mobile Defense :P


Apparently if you like the weapon, potato it. It is your choice, we should not have a say in it.

I'm asking for opinions as to what you guys think about the weapon; like if its worthy of a potato or not...

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Honestly, it's a really good weapon. It's great for support fire, not so much as an assault weapon. It really shines at range with a zoom mod. while it doesn't have the raw power and crit chance of a sniper rifle, it does make up for it in clip size and overall ammo count, as well as rifle rounds being generally more plentiful. It is also quite usable when not aimed (lolpanicfire), which I can't say about snipers. It's a great carbine/sniper middle ground that has a lot going for it.

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I potatoed and used a forma on mine. I really liked it at first but it just seems to fall too far behind when you come up against higher level targets with more armor compared to weapons with AP or ignore. If you have a strong side arm with ap or armor ignoring damage and don't mind switching latron prime can still take down the smaller guys. Either way I find it fun to use.

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