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Some inconsistency in warframe 'power range' mod effects


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Important note: I'm not entirely sure whether this topic should go into "warframe & weapon" or "gameplay" feedback, because it involves both to a degree; so if any administrators read this, I hope they move the topic if it is misplaced...

So, this topic is primarily here because me and my friend have noticed an inconsistency in the effects of a warframe mod that increases power range.

We were both rank 30 Excalibur. He had a single [+28% power range] mod, while I had several of those installed with the total sum of their effect was [+89% power range]. We decided to perform an in-mission test to see the difference - we would activate our Excalibur first skill (slash dash) from the same starting line and see how much further would my warframe dash forward.

However, once activated, it turned out that my friend's warframe dashed a good 30% further than I did, even though according to installed mods I should have had over 60% greater distance run than he did. Repeated tests were the same.

So, is this a mod bug or is it a warframe (Excalibur) bug? If it isn't, then I hope that someone can give me an explanation as to why this happened. Is it because the "+power range" mods don't stack? Or is it something else?

If any other player has noticed an inconsistency in some other mod's in-game effect, I invite you to say so, so that I (we) can have a clearer picture on what to expect at the moment.

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Yeah, I noticed with with my Excalibur's 1 and 3 skills (moreso on super jump) a lot. In solo, I can super jump from the floor to the top of the staircase on the extraction room of the Corpus Ship tile, but when I am in a multiplayer game and am not the host, I can only jump up to 1/3 the height. Slash dashing distance is also drastically reduced to half that I am used to.

I think abilities in general are bugged atm in regards to being host affecting the potency of the abilities.

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