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How Do You Make Stalker And What Does Yours Look Like?


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Alright. I recently finished building my ash warframe and want him 2 look like the stalker. Only problem is I don't know what color packs to buy. I already have smoke, but which 1 do I get for his red? Also I would like to see what YOUR stalker looks like. Post pics plz I have also heard that some use Excalibur, so ya! Share your stalker pics here!

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this is the best color combo i 've seen for looking like stalker

first color:Smoke: 8th color from the bottom up on the left side

Second Color:Halloween: top right red

1st tint:Smoke 6th color from the bottom left

2nd tint:Halloween: middle top red

energy color is more of a personal preference but i use classic saturated top left red

i've used these colors on my excalibur then gone into the codex and looked at the stalker entry and he look exactly like the stalker sans the helm

you mileage may vary

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