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Buying Health Pack And Ammo Boxes In Bulk


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Just want to be able to buy more than one ammo box with fewer clicks.

Gets to be annoying when stocking up on life saving packages when you want to solo.

Either the option to select the number you want to buy or have x5 and x10 bundles like the credits have.

Thank you for hearing me out

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You're not supposed to buy Ammo and Health packs. That's why the UI is so clunky there. It's a physical punishment for resorting to such tactics.


Ammo/health packs are just for extreme need... don't use them for everyday use! :-) The only ones worth keeping are ciphers


When you're running high end defense missions (void T3 or high wave) or leveling bullet-hose style weapons ala afuris or the grakata, ammo packs tend to be of great importance.  Saying not to use them everyday is foolish because some activities do indeed require them or are greatly aided by them; just because standard mission rushing doesn't need them doesn't preclude other game modes from encouraging their use. 


Simply put, if DE intends to prohibit their use (which they don't, they've even said they intend to add stronger healing consumables and potentially rework the consumable UI) then they should do so via a resource requirement or cost increase, not through a poorly designed user interface that doesn't support a simple function like 'buy x quantity'.  The fact that people are actively suggesting not to use them and posit that the crap UI is intended as a deterrent for their use actually surprises me.

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add new Tab in Shop for "Ammo|Health|Shields|etc." and in this tab add opportunity for change 'x N', or change dialog window for multiply buying.


and another - plz remove finally window in buy dialog. If I bought something, the last window with a single click OK unnecessary.


sorry for my english. I'm RUS.

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According to the recent live stream with Rebecca and Sheldon, we can be expecting this feature. Not sure about the time frame, I would be guessing before update 10

Ah nice nice. I've been behind on watching the Livestreams.


Indeed the lag and the number of prompts you gotta go through for buying each individual item just compounds when you want to buy in builk =\

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