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[Suggestion] Kagemusha, The Assassin Frame


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[Edit:  Please don't post in this thread.  LordMidnightX pointed out that there is a much better place for this thread in the Fan Concepts subforum, so I created a new thread there.  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/85046-warframe-concept-kagemusha-the-assassin-frame/#entry930464]


Idea for this frame is to be bursty as hell, doing incredible damage for short periods of time, but crumples if caught unawares or out of juice.

Kagemusha (影武者 literally "Shadow Warrior"?) is a 1980 film by Akira Kurosawa. In Japanese, kagemusha is a term used to denote a political decoy. [copy paste from Wikipedia]
Other good names might be derived from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, for a creepier, sentient shadow theme.

Ability 1: Living Shadow
The Tenno's shadow gains a mind of its own, attacking any enemy foolish enough to draw within striking distance. Uses the currently equipped melee weapon to derive damage and rate, but attacks as many enemies as are in range. Range of 2/2/4/6 meters, lasts 6 sec. Casts immediately.
Mods: Continuity, Focus, Stretch

Ability 2: Ethereal Body
The Tenno's body becomes like liquid shadow as opponents blades pass harmlessly through her. Gains immunity to stagger, knockdown, stun, disruption and 60/60/70/80% damage reduction for 4 seconds.  Takes an additional 50% damage from flames and poison while active. Casts immediately, at any time.
Mods: Continuity, Focus

Ability 3: One with the Shadows
The Tenno and her allies blend in with their own shadows, gaining temporary invisibility for a few seconds. Lasts 4/4/5/6 seconds, affects allies within 20 meters. Short casting animation (none for allies)
Mods: Continuity, Stretch

Ability 4: Shadow Clone
The Tenno gains a number of smokey duplicates that mirror her every move. Gains 1/1/1/2 clones that do 50/70/90/110% damage for 6 seconds. Casts immediately.
Mods: Continuity, Focus
Stacks with Living Shadow (your clones also cast bloodthirsty shadows).

Health: 75 (225 at 30)
Shields: 75 (225 at 30) (shields refresh at an abnormally high rate)
Armor: 10
Power: 200 (300 at 30)
Sprint Speed: 1.3
Stamina: -25%
Stamina regen: +10%

Polarities: - and v
Aura: v

Alt Helm: Faceless Mask
+25% energy (+50 energy total)
-10% power duration

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Man you must be my soulmate or something! I was designing a frame around string theory that is very similar! The concept has a skill very much like living shadow and like shadow clone [minute differences]. I hadn't worked out a third skill, but the second was an odd mix of your other two.

I like it, great minds and all! X0D

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