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Skill Trees aren't balanced


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The new skill trees aren't very balanced in regards to how many points it takes to accomplish particular goals.

Some examples:


Points required to open all mod slots: 30

Points required to upgrade all skills: 33!


All mod slots: 34!

All skills: 30


All Mod Slots: 28

All Skills: 26


All Mod Slots: 30

All Skills: 25

As you can see, some frames can't even max out all their skills, and others can't get all mod slots. Some ideas to fix this would be if all the warframes had skill trees that were the same shape and had skills/mod slots in the same spots, but had different nodes along different branches.

This could still allow the number modslots to differ between warframes, by using what spaces would be modslots on other frames for other kinds of nodes. Depending on how far down the branch it's done, this could either reduce the # of points to fill all mod slots, or keep it the same.

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Well, this way you can actually get some difference into the frames.

i.e. Caster Rhino with all skills maxed out and most power upgrades vs modded Rhino with with low skills but sick armor and stuff.

However, there is always a skill that falls behind on any given player, thats the one you replace with mods and stat upgrades. Its rather unconventional to build powers only or mods only, let alone playable.

Though i think, once you get a lot power dmg, duration and range mods, you can actually change your build to a more mod oriented one.

For example i decided to max out all skills and get plenty energy on my ash, because its fun to jump around, i only have a few armor mods and at lvl 30 ill get my +80%melee dmg mod installed \o/

On loki i only maxed decoy and teleport and got as many upgrades as possible. Hes fairly durable with 6 Armor mods. But i think if i would find a decent power duration mod that could change to a invisibility based build.

After all the new trees bring more depth to the game and i love it. There arent many games out there were you can max out the whole thing like warframe pre-6.0.

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Well, this way you can actually get some difference into the frames.

I'm not saying the warframes shouldn't have differences. I'm saying that the trees are flawed in such a way as to give frames unconquerable numbers advantages or disadvantages. Why should Volt be unable to max all four of his skills when Loki can do it with points to spare? Why does Nyx get to fill out all of her mod slots in 23 points when some can't even do it with all 30?

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