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Great sword


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How about make 3 of them in a gimmicky fashion, one for each element, and they have particle effects of said element?

Id like a flaming sword for trinity to purge heretics with.

A spear would also be nice, what if its charge attack was a straight line dash, similar to slash dash but a much narrower hit area (and shorter range)?

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more like a big and large sword xD

something like that >>



ah and the blood on that is also good, kinda odd how we cut through enemies with melee weapons and it doesnt get any blood on it -.-



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Yes to Greatsword and lances/halberd.

Greatswor could have the attack combo and animation of swords but move as slow as scindo/frago and have an on-pair damage and reach. The charge should be similar to Scindo.

- http://www.thearma.org/essays/2HGS.html

Lance/halberd/trident shoud have an entirely new combo and animation, with a stab > overhead > uppercut > swing. It should have just one horizontal swing to compensate the fact that it has the most reach in the game. The charge should be a puncturing stab (like furax charge, but hits multiple targets) with the longest reach in the game.


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Please don't. That's taking it much too far.

And that's not a gunsword, it's a gun with a bayonett. THIS is a gunsword/blade.

oh wow a bayonett covering all the gun? =x isnt that you just want Squall's weapon so badly? xD

this one is also an type of gunblade >>


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We seriously need that greatsword, But it should have a medium between axe/hammer and sword. For Example, not as fast as a sword but stronger and not as strong as an axe/hammer but faster. Sort of like a happy medium if you will (while still being a heavy weapon).

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