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Focus schools rework not good enough, it should have class difference.

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Right now we got this: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/849938-plains-of-eidolon-facts-fundamentals-of-focus-20/

I hate that Zenurik got passive that grants melee efficiency.... what zenurik have to deal with Melee? Melee bonus should be only for Naramon. And 50% efficiency to melee is nothing , Life strike add -140% channeling efficiency, it would be great if it would grant 15-25% Warframe efficiency, it's obvious that Naramon is better option of 50% more melee damage that doesn't cost you energy.

But what I though it would be actually:

Naramon - Warrior Class Operator - In this operator mode you move quicker than other Operator modes and can use special energy melee daggers to deal massive damage to enemies and use finisher on them after using "void blast". Killing enemies by operator energy daggers will grant 5% melee damage boost up to 50% for other Warframes in 25 meters range. Extended range of Void dash.

Zenurik - Mage Class Operator - in this operator mode you have massive boost to max energy and energy regen allowing you to void dash, void blast and use void beam more often, holding void beam for longer than 3 seconds makes it go to burst mode dealing more damage but cost more energy, and by using void beam you can regenerate energy for team mates.

Madurai - Crowd Controller Class Operator - In this operator mode void blast have huge range of disarming and stunning enemies. Void dash to your Warframe will make Warframe to move himself fighting on your side for 25 seconds. Using energy beam will apply radiation status to enemies.

Unairu - Tank Class Operator - in this operator mode your operator have highest health pool and armor rating of all other operator modes. While using Void beam you create unbreakable shield that protects everyone inside of it. By using Void Dash will grant you an reflecting armor that will reflect all incoming damage back to attackers for 5 seconds (100% invulnerability to damage)

Vazarin - Support Healer Class Operator - By using this class operator grants bonus to health regeneration and small damage reduction to you and all allies in 25 meters range. Void beaming to team mates grants bonus to damage and duration to abilities for 15 seconds and quickly regen health as long as you void beam an ally, Void dash to an enemy will instantly regen your operator health. Void blast will make enemies to be more vulnerable to damage.

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1 minute ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

Your ideas definitely don't sound bad.
But I would first wait of how the rework is gonna be before making change proposals again.

I agree. Let's wait until the re-work comes out before deconstructing it, recommending something else, or shouting 'Nerf Please'.

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Zenurik deals with energy. Melee Channeling is, indeed, melee related... also it uses energy to do so. Fits in Zenurik fine.

You took what DE said and imagined something else. Don't blame DE for that.

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