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Clan Contracts + Progression


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So, sat down and got an idea while discussing with a clan mate of mine. Right now there isn't a whole lot to do as a clan, no progression outside just building stuff. What if, at a certain amount of missions done, a clan has access to a special room they can add to their dojo. This room would be the Lotus Contact Room, it's purpose would be to hand out special contracts to the clan, such as raid 20 grineer bases, sabotage 5 corpus ships, exterminate 10 infested ships, ect. And for doing so you get credits, resources, or a random roll, much like the log in rewards, which could give you a blueprint for something like the Seer or a random helmet blueprint, something along those lines.


Now for the Progression part. As the Clan completes contracts, new ones come up that are more difficult, special perimeters must be met like using melee only, and giving better rewards, on top of that there could be special clan only alerts. The end result, would be a overall score the clan gets that can perhaps be on some leaderboard, giving the clan a certain ranking amongst the other clans and giving something of a mild competitive edge to the game. Admittedly my little clan of 43 players probably won't be able to beat say...Broframe and its like 6K+ players, but we can try and get as close as possible.

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