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Unacceptable Game Support


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Oh I do, I'v played many many games in beta. Closed beta, open beta, hell even alpha for some games. Yet 99% of those had proper support, most of them even had a means to discuss 1 on 1 about the issues we were facing. That's something DE's support needs, not some bull S#&$ generic response Matt machine. 



Also don't include a feature that will just get denied so easily. That's just asking for trouble.

What's wrong with the support here? They were polite. They responded. They explained why they couldn't restore your item. Seems your problem has little to none to do with the support itself, rather the policies they go by.


Edit: I seriously cannot believe that you're here whining on the forums because some guy is doing his job the way he's supposed to.

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Strong arguments on both side.

The original poster probably wrote this in absolute rage after he worked so hard and did not get his rare reward and finding out there was no way to restore it. I think anyone human can kinda sympathize with that. No need to insult him he's understandably mad. However, that is no reason to make a rage thread because that is the best they can do.


It relaly is problematic if you think about it. If it were us working at support, we would probably be conflicted to. We know and want to compensate but we dont have the proof and dont want people to abuse an overly kind support system.


I feel sorry for you and unfortunately nothing can be done. Sour situation

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I just checked out the ticket history here and it looks like Matt has since updated your issue - from what I read it looks like the items provided in the original screenshot have been restored. You'll be able to follow up in the ticket you have in our support desk.


For those interested, our support rep Xander made a thread outlining the support desk and what kind of requests are handled


Hope that helps a bit!


Thank you for the help. Also I'm happy to see Matt went ahead and outlined a way to avoid further issues:




  • Hi again Reduxe, 

    I spoke to my Supervisor about this issue you and your friend Wiawyr experienced together and he agreed to allow us to use the screenshots your presented in this example as sufficient proof for the restoration of the items presented in them. I have added the Paris Prime Blueprint to your account as well as the credits, experience and mods shown in the screenshot. In the future, please attach the ee.log from your session to your ticket or a screenshot with your account name present, along with any items from the problematic mission results you wish to see restored. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. 

    Note: This ee.log is in a hidden folder. To enable viewing hidden folders, open an explorer window and press Alt. Then, click View -> Options and select Change folder and search options. Next click on the View tab and under the Hidden files and folders folder, click on Show hidden files, folders and drives. 

    Once set, click Ok at the bottom of the window. This should allow you to see your App Data folder in your Windows users folder in Windows 8.

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