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PSA: PS4 Server Update Oct 3rd [COMPLETE]

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3 hours ago, (PS4)Vagnar said:

Yep. Everyone I know is locked out of the game.


I was also asked to update my ToS so it may have something to do with PS4 v5.0 update too.


3 hours ago, (PS4)Agent-Endie said:

Same thing happened here with me and a friend I am with, I dunno whats happening so I kinda came to the same conclusion. Please correct me if it was caused by something else.


2 hours ago, (PS4)chance_141 said:

On launch I keep getting login failed check your info anyone else having this problem?



2 hours ago, (PS4)Agent-Endie said:

A friend and I are also experiencing this dilemma.


2 hours ago, (PS4)Cadelar said:

I have the same issue



2 hours ago, (PS4)Wchillinman said:

Same thing happened to me. Was disconnected from the game, asked to update ToS and privacy settings on PS4 and then couldn't log back into the game. Also my account on this site seems to be out of whack as well, it says "Member For:47 years" and no other information beside country.


2 hours ago, (PS4)Karashion said:

Same issue for me too. did sony bork things up when they forced everyone offline to update our ToS?


2 hours ago, (PS4)Bootlessbird75 said:

I can't actually log into ps4 ahah


2 hours ago, (PS4)VoodooRose78 said:

Same issues


2 hours ago, (PS4)PaddyIrishMan_19 said:

Hi Guys,

Please help me because I keep on getting message saying "login failed. Check your info". Buy I am a PS4 user and their is no way to check my info. I have gone to website to sign in to my account and nothing will work. It's saying login failed on the website and when I try reset my password it says something went wrong please try again. 

Can someone get back to me if they know how to fix this 



2 hours ago, (PS4)khyddinamaani said:

Literally the exact issue I am having.


2 hours ago, (PS4)Titan8180 said:

would this update have anything to do with me getting a login  failure on PS4 and if I go to the warframe site it tells me unable to find PSN user

2 hours ago, (PS4)Scary__Hary115 said:

Im having the same problem login failure check info my buddy told me it could be PoE update coming today i dont know for sure but just wish i could login

2 hours ago, (PS4)tsukiakari-hime said:

Same problem here 

2 hours ago, (PS4)aktupac47 said:

i am also having the same issue

1 hour ago, (PS4)ZXCai726 said:

I can't log in either. Additionally, I can't log in on the Warframe website using my PS4 account. It says the account cannot be found.

1 hour ago, (PS4)ShadowDragonX-64 said:

I can't log on to the game It says "Login Failed. Check your info.". I got through the maintenance yesterday fine but I cannot log in. Can someone tell me and everybody else affect by this issue what is causing such problems in the first place?


Hey guys! We were made aware of connectivity problems this AM and were able to stabilize it around 9AM ET. All issues should be resolved. This was unrelated to the server maintenance we had yesterday.

Thanks! :)

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