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Weapon and Warframe Stats NEED TO CHANGE!


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Alright, I upgrade a weapon that had a base damage of 20, when I upgrade the damage to lets say 22 the weapon stats still says 20! that is especially annoying when I add Mods. Cause I dont know how much the overal has increased.

I suggest for Warframes add a section where we get to see all the numbers, like shields, health, stamina, and all the related percentiles and collective mods. I need to know whats going on and how much my mods affect my warframe. Range increase? how much is the current range for power X. Melee damage, what is my current melee damage?

and so on . . .

For weapons, the least you could do is to update their innate stats when you level them up. Not let them be static. This bit should be implemented in beta so if problems occure we expose it.

This would be useful when comparing weapons and warframes. This wee bit of info can help choosing the right weapons for the right situation.

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