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Scavengers Vs. Sabotage Timer


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I just failed a mission in Ariel (Uranus) where my scavenging for plastids went to waste.  I collected more than 200 plastids that run, my best this starting week.


After destroying the core, the timer started and when the timer hit zero, I was the only one at the extraction point.  The rest of my team mates were lagging behind getting dragged by scorpions, getting knocked down by gunners or just scavenging for plastids themselves (possibly unaware of the timer).


These teammates joined midgame (3 minutes before destroying the core) where I collected about 100+ plastids.  Can anyone intepret exactly what happened there?  The mastery ranks of the joined players were 6 and 4.


May I also suggest the sabotage timer at least be prolonged where one player goes to extraction but the majority of the team is behind, or the one-minute extraction timer start where at least one player be at extraction?


I am venting right now, so apologies.


EDIT:  I just joined a mid-game session and after destroying the core, I saw sabotage timer activate.

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