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Mag = Raiden


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No matter how much you beef'em up or make them powerfull or even add fancier robot parts, just not a cool character xD



This is in response  to sumone saying she is the next prime, and that she got a HUGE buff in 8.3? lol made me think of Raiden from metal gear, a side ish character no one gave the light of day but the head of Kojima was in love with him and has tried to hype him up with each new game, but still, he isnt cool, just cuz he can cut metal gears in half with a normal katana, or swing giant bipedal robits with flesh legs around like their dolls and has full body robo and anime power with generic grey anime hair. Still not cool xD





this topic? well IMO they shoulda made a popular character or a blaster the next prime, why?


1. We have Excalibur a mellee generic, Frost a defensive utility, but no blaster ability user

2. A popular frame as too apeal the masses and get them to  play again or more, hell DE could even release a new key pack specificaly for tower runs to get that new prime.



honestly? I think that being said the new prime shoulda been

Vauban, Ember, Nova, Nyx

why those? they all seem pretty darn popular, and ember cuz she is a blaster and nova is both popular and boom

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