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Solar System Primary And Secondary Weapon Art Bug


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Not high on the BIG list of "This Brakes Everything"
just a slight visual bug where the Primary weapon and secondary weapon appear as some kind of transparency with distortion.

Don't know why the Texture goof out like this.
I do know that going into the Arsenal clears it right up.

here is a Video.

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Seems like you might need to fiddle with your quality settings. Also, it looks like you have your brightness set really high.


(Off topic: looks like you're ready to take your next mastery test)

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Quality all set to highest they can go, Brightness set to medium. (might be bloom that make it all bright)

have played with all settings up and down. different resolutions

this still happens, but at random times,  can't seem to find a solid way to reproduce this little flub.


its not a big game braking problem. just looks kinda of funny, and if you are not looking for it, you most likely wont even notice it.

still figured It would be best to post about it here.

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