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Community Poll: What Should Iron Skin Scale Off Of?


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339 Votes Cast

159 Votes "Your own armor level(steel skin included)" (47%)

72 Votes "Enemy Level" (21%)

58 Votes "Fixed numbers (same as it is now) but have higher mod levels" (17%)

37 Votes "other" (11%)

13 Votes "The Planet/Level that you are on" (4%)


People seem to like the idea that iron skin scales more off of the players own stats rather than scale based off of what you are fighting. Both have their positives and negatives. One allows you to fight higher difficulty enemies when you are a lower level since it scales based off of their level.  While the other is more rewarding once you have maxed your warframe and steel skin, in addition to giving steel skin more purpose as a mod on rhino and further labeling him as one of the tank frames. What are your thoughts?


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It does, being a rhino main myself, I have no problem 90% of the time. The only time I have an issue is during the last 2-3 waves of a Tower 3 Defense mission. But lets face it, you're going to have a frost there with snowglobes if your doing that...so "oh hey iron skin is down, walks into shield, re-applys iron skin, walks back out". :/

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