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Research; Improvements And Sugestions.


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While the research within dojos is ok now, it is a little counter intuative and doesnt realy feel like research so much as hoops to jump through in getting weapons.  Good now but as this will expand its going to become more cumbersome.


My sugestion would be have a research tiering system that weapons get assigned to rather than have different types of weapons have a completly different style of weapon as a prerequisite makes little sence.


Starting off research would require the basic start as all labs currently have, so starting research would still be the Detonite, Fielderon and Mutagen research.


Off that would be a tier system, so after the basic material research is done then you could go for intermediate, expert and master research, with weapons based off those tiers.  Upgrading instead through the tiers of research, rather than the weapons(shown below).


Bio Lab:

Mutagen research

Intermediate research: Torrid

Expert research : Acrid

Master research: ???


Chem Lab:

Detonite research

Intermediate research: Ignis

Expert research : Ogris

Master research: ???


Enery Lab:

Fielderon research

Intermediate research: Prova

Expert research:  Supra, Derra

Master research:  Spectra, Flux Rifle, Lanka


Ideally it would make research slightly longer initially as 72 hours (though 48 could work too) for the research itself would be good while only having 24 hours to research weapons could mitigate that allot as the number of weapons grow.


Overall it would feel more natural and intuative to see what comes out of research tiers (rather than a sword providing better ways of making a pistol), it could also add some diversity between clan research as clans can then choose to focus in areas of weaponry, like sidearms without having to actually spend time researching melee weapons or primary weapons.


Likewise it adds more room as the weapon groups expand so rather than having to research a melee weapon for unlocking research to a sidearm, the clan simply researches the tier and moves onto the next tier.



Feel free to add futher or alternate ideas to improve research.

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