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So, The Afuris...



Thought I'd give it a spin. But real talk, how BAD (or good) is this gun? It's probably just going to be one for the mastery, but does anyone have any advice on what I should do with it? The mods to use, the playstyle, anything would help. You're all awesome. thanks!

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Twin Vipers deal better damage and have better accuracy, but have a massively smaller clip. Afuris has an unrivaled clip with the same fire rate. In other words, Twin Vipers are for high burst DPS and better control, while Afuris are used for DPS. You're probably going to run out of ammo for the Afuris faster than the Twin Vipers due to the larger clip.

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I have to agree - I was trawling through the forums this morning at work (my morning coffee ritual), came across this thread. Buddy of mine asked to see the Afuris (only recently started playing). So, just to show off I loaded those babies up with max clip size (Ice Storm + Slip Mag), among other things (Barrel Diffusion XD ) and had a run through Terminus, just to show off their ability to deliver lead enemas (120 bullets in 5 seconds, though technically way more than that when considering multishot).


Stalker shows up, and I have no mouse attached to my laptop... Challenge accepted.


He died before the clip ran out, and I didn't have to move... AND he dropped Dread, the last Stalker weapon to complete my collection.


It is going to be a goooooooooood freaking day!


Moral of the story - Afuris can bring you victory against the Stalker while using a touchpad. Make of that what you will.

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