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(Screenshot Heavy) Why Does Excalibur Prime Have Bad Textures?


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As title says, his textures just aren't as good (or at least as tuned) as regular excalibur's.

You can see it very clearly when he equips alternate helmets. Frost and Frost Prime, thankfully, do not share this problem.

I changed the colors of both my Excaliburs so it becomes even more obvious. I used the same colors on both of them, no difference at all. I tried to make them match as much as possible, and gave preference to the body (the shoulder color goes in the helmets as well, and it chamges from regular to the prime version, that's why the helmet colors are different).

I'd very much like for Excalibur Prime to have the same textures as his regular version, with a lot less "shiny".

Any color I put on Excal Prime comes out as shallow, like it's been watered down, as well as brighter. Simply put, Excalibur Prime can't really have a good look on colors, only in whites, blacks and greys - not to me anyway, and it becomes a lot more obvious when you compare the two.

This has been going on for ages, and I would very much liked this fixed already, it's way past time.

Here are the screenshots:

Regular Helmet:

62QRKzP.jpg - UNqSOAN.jpg

Avalon Helmet:

kjAVvU9.jpg - 3aXuFJx.jpg

Pendragon Helmet:

b17ADei.jpg - Z2iTd8B.jpg

Thank you for your attention.

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maybe because we arent supposed to be space clowns ? choosing a better (manlier) palette ? hate if you like but those colour STINKS on that frame (personal opinion)

he/she did say that they put those colours on so you can see the difference between them easier...

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Yeah, this has been a problem for quite a while. I *think* it has to do with the specular layer being much higher intensity overall on the Prime. Could be other things as well though. Especially with the colours I'd like to use It makes the alternate helms look terrible so I stick to the default one.


I don't mind Excal Prime having a different look to vanilla Excal but the helmets need to be adjusted when they're used on him.

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I think a major problem with the Excalibur Prime body is that the primary colors are stripes, whereas the secondary color is the "main body colors". With the regular Prime Helmet, this is okay, but when you switch to alternate helmets, it creates a problem: the "primary" stripe colors show up for majority of the alternate helmet because these are supposedly the frame's primary colors. But it looks off with the rest of the body mostly colored in secondary colors.

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