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Cetus Vacation Resort ad (text form)

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Oh hello there busy citizen, are you tired? do u feel like you need a break from your daily routines?

then come to Cetus Vacation Resort today!

We at Cetus offer you a wide range of activities like, fishing in old fashioned way with a spear! *grineer commando gets mauled by wild kubrow on background*

Are you more into studying? weeell we have wide range of exotic minerals out on the Plains so get out there and study to your hearts content! *grineer bombard blasts a rock with a rocket*

Hopeless romantic with children taking away your special time? We offer wide range of distractions for your annoying kids aswell! advanced combat training *tenno flies over a camera* roleplaying as mythological warframes with paper mache mask!

also don't forget to visit many of our giftshops like, Bob's totally tamed creatures of old era, get your Kavat from Bob today!

We also have make your own weapons booth, remember kids, they are sharp! *tenno puts a blade into grineer butcheres stomach*

so do come and visit our lovely resort, today! ^^ *extremely loud eidolon scream* ignore that :|

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