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Serration/split Chamber/point Blank/shocking Touch Buff And Pistol Amp


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You haven't explained why this would be a good change for the game.

Rifles have Rifle Amp, but pistols do not (though Hornet Strike is better). Can't we have both though?

Shocking Touch is silly.

Point Blank should be 99%, two 9s are stronger than 1!

Split Chamber should be 100%. If it's true that it means that 1 out of 10 shots isn't a multishot, then it's kinda silly when Barrel Diffusion and Hell's Chamber are 120%.

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i would say that crit mods across the board are very weak. i think rifles are the only weapons it ever are possibly ever viable with. they have the highest numbers with the mods and sniper rifles have the highest base crit chance. With something like the flux, it is hard to justify crit mods, with any weapon below that or that doesn't use rifle mods, you can't really justify it imo. 


i don't really even think its a problem with the mods as much as its a problem with the base crit chance. I think the standard crit chance should be 10% with weapons that currently have 2.5% crit chance having 10% crit chance, then an additional 10% crit chance added onto every weapon with a crit chance above 2.5%, so 5% becomes 15%, 20% becomes 30%. Lets say a pistol has 10% base crit chance and 150% crit damage. with crit mods it would have 22% crit chance and 210% crit damage. That would be 105% of base damage to 124.2% base damage or a 18.3% increase in damage. Two mods, taking up 2 mod slots and they increase your damage by 18.3% if they have 10% base crit chance. Most weapons have 2.5% crit chance and that becomes significantly smaller number. the acrid currently does 101.25% base damage when crits are added. with crit mods, that becomes 5.5% crit chance and 210% crit damage for 106.5% base damage, or 2 mods' combined increase of your damage is 5.2%.


Right now 2 pistol mods combined increase your damage by 5.2% on a majority of pistols in the game, but you don't bother including them in your list of mods that need to be buffed? Instead you insist that a single mod that by itself increases your damage by 165% needs a buff. and another single mod that increases your damage by 90% needs a buff.

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Split Chamber should be 100%. If it's true that it means that 1 out of 10 shots isn't a multishot.

I'm not entirely sure you understand probability here. Split chamber grant's a 90% chance your shot will fire two projectiles, not 9 out of 10 shots will be doubled. This means there is a pretty high chance that every shot will be two projectiles. Any mod that exceeds 100% means it will have a chance to fire a 3rd projectile.


Shotguns fire multiple pellets, each one being 90% stronger with Point blank. Combined with Hell's chamber the damage output is more than great.


So to restate my previous post, they're fine.


I'll agree with Shocking touch and I don't have any opinion on Pistol amp.

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Did you look at the new mods shotguns get from Nightmare mode? One of them raises AP damage, the other raises base damage. While I forget what their other effects are, using those plus Point Blank and Flechette gives you a decent base damage compared to Serration or Hornet Strike, with a MASSIVE amount of AP damage that puts them well over the top compared to Piercing Hit or No Return.


It might've made sense a week or so ago, but with the new nightmare mods shotguns don't need buffs to Point Blank.

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